A number of smart urban demonstration projects will be created by regions and municipalities in collaboration with companies and universities.

The linking of all the individual demonstration projects will in effect create a large regional living Lab, with an international visitor programme connected to the projects in order to promote and represent Greater Copenhagen as a one-stop shop for smart urban lighting.

Lighting Metropolis features some 20+ demonstration projects, focusing on:
• Outdoor lighting; design, safety, identity, attractiveness
• Indoor lighting; biological light, learning, health, work environments
• Smart urban lighting; intelligent control systems, sensor networks, Internet of Things, Intelligent Traffic Systems, Wi-Fi, and more.

All our demonstration projects  have at its most fundamental level a focus on climate and environment; energy efficiency, environmental impact, life cycles, sustainability; and – importantly – also considerations for return-on-investment; investment strategies, total cost of ownership, demand, maintenance, and operation

For more information, including requesting an on-site visit, please visit our partner onepointentry.com


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