Lighting Metropolis actively builds and supports a community for startups across Greater Copenhagen. The community is growing fast – here you can read more about the current members. The presentation gets updated regularly to make sure we can offer the best possible matchmaking service for both investors of modern lighting solutions and the companies who can provide it.




Roadstud has a vision to be the Danish and Swedish road authorities’ preferred partner in consulting, delivery, installation and maintenance of solar cell-based road marking products


H Nordic is an innovative company that pushes development forward for everyone, with broad technical expertise in operation, maintenance and energy solutions. This means handpicking products from the top shelf so that customers will have a worry-free future.



Mad In Light is a Swedish entrepreneur-driven growth company with more than 40 years of experience in public lighting. They are madly interested in energy-efficient lighting and market luminaire and lighting solutions on the project market for public lighting. Mad In Light is a partner in Sweden to leading European lighting manufacturers.


Novemberbolaget is a specialist in lighting within integrated control systems and offer customers a comprehensive solution that extends beyond product and commissioning – who listens to your vision, create system design according to your unique needs, make the technology user-friendly and train you how to manage your control system.



Lightcare focuses on the importance of sunlight for humans and builds on long lasting and unique collaboration between our customers and users as well as leading researchers specializing in circadian rhythm and sleep problems. Lightcare  knows that correct and optimized light (the right light in the right amount at the right time) helps to increase the health and well-being of people, among other things

Global Lighting Consultants

Global Lighting Consultants was founded 2009 in Kristianstad, Sweden. What started out as a lighting consultancy outfit eventually branched out into design and sourcing. It didn’t take long before the company extended it’s reach to the rest of Europe and Asia giving birth to branches in Hong Kong and China.



Consultation, manufacturing and research in water, biotechnology, microbiology, water purification, water supply where light is included as part of this.


Alovivium develops sustainable and highly efficient solutions for society’s future needs.



Ocutune develops user friendly systems, giving individuals and communities feedback to synchronize their circadian rhythms through light, thus optimizing sleep, daytime energy and wellbeing. Ocutune provides ‘integrative lighting’ systems and feedback to help you navigate human centric lighting (HCL), and allow you to take back control by making generic HCL-systems truly personal.


Luctra is the brand for good working light in the office or at home. Light that is innovative, inspiring, reliable and sustainable. Flexible and with focus on the user and the user’s needs. A range of flexible luminaires such as table and floor lamps as well as free standing luminaires that provides an indirect and direct light that gives the user a visual comfort and brightens the ceiling for a natural feeling in the room.



Watersprint is developing and marketing products for water disinfection through UVC-LED-technology and own patents. Watersprint’s products are designed to maximize reduction of virus, bacteria and other microorganisms with minimum energy demand and no hazardous chemicals to ensure safe drinking water in a sustainable way.


As a “one-stop shop” supplier, Caleidoscope offers customers unique total solutions of ceiling, lighting and power supply system. With a passion for ceiling and light in environments, Caleidoscope can, in combination with a wide range of solutions that can strengthen brands or create a unique expression in the interior environment.



UbiqiSense sensors give customers deep insight of people, space and building behavior. We help organizations maximize their spaces, reduce CO2 emissions and improve people flow resulting in better bottom/top line and employee productivity.

Light Supply ApS

Light Supply provides design and consulting services in the lighting field. We are fully licensed; insured and our personnel handle everything from the initial system analysis engineering options,to project specification, quoting,energy calculations, lighting calculation, and delivery.


Retail Senses Design

Retail Senses Design works with helping brands and companies create a better experience for their customers and staff through senses. Primarily through Light, Sound and Scent. They offer total solutions with functional ceiling, LED lighting and electrical system. Integrate abled wireless sound system. The acoustic dampers are made from re-cycled PET. The third sense they attract with scent and develop a signature scent for a brand. Retail Senses Design work directly with the developers for each area for the latest tech and innovations.


Lundinova is a product development company, specialized in electronics, software, industrial design and project management. Production is carried out by partners in Scandinavia and Asia. Lundinova works in many different industries, including environmental technology, industry, telecommunications and medical technology.


Green Light

Since 1994, Green Light has provided environmentally intelligent lightning for industry, office, public and outdoor. As a Green Light customer you are guaranteed credible advice from day one. Through strategic focus and specialization, you will be delivered a flexible solution, which is based on Green Lights unique concept. Their customers have achieved energy savings with their intelligent and environmental lightning concept.


Assimilatus Technologies is a consultancy partner that takes into account all the relevant information about your business and the technology that runs it. Using their focused research team Assimilatus not only figures out how to maximize your business potential, they implement strategies and solutions that trigger the right outcomes.



BrainLit’s BioCentricLighting is an advanced, feedbacking and self-learning system that creates natural light through a patented and unique software. The indoor light mimics the natural daylight and is synchronized with LED lights powered by sensors and controlled by BrainLit’s software.


Founded in 2013, Sensative AB is a rapidly-growing award-winning tech startup offering IoT solutions for cities and commercial property markets with a vision to empower people with smart technology. It’s all about integrating historical and live data, events, actions, and reactions, removing the technology and supplier barriers.



With dedicated and knowledgeable employees both in Sweden and abroad, Lightab delivers functional and sustainable lightning products as well as systems with pre-installed drives and flexible plug and play solutions with multifunctional upgrades for added value to their global customers. Customers who are also involved in the process of developing new lighting solutions.


Novalume works towards more innovative and greener lighting solutions for smart cities by delivering advanced LED Technology that reduces cities energy consumption, maintenance costs and CO2 emissions. Transforming street lighting into a network of smart and connected devices makes cities more intelligent, efficient and sustainable.


SGS Smart Green Station AB

Smart Green Station works with innovative fossil-free solutions to facilitate and enable a more sustainable infrastructure by offering meeting places, weather stations, information boards and charging stations for lights, bicycles, cars and other technology – everything is charged with solar panels.


OCONEO is focusing on user experience and innovation for the home health care and it is developing a lamp specially designed to offer hospital standard ligting for performing patient care procedures at the patients’ home. With well optimized ergonomics and correct lighting, it will increase patients safety and improve the caregivers work environment.

OCONEO is supported by ALMI, Sten K Johnson Stiftelsen and Lund University.


Fischer Lighting

Fischer Lighting is a sustainable business in rapid development, launching a unique circular concept and produce modular LED solutions built on existing fixtures, but offering all of the functionality, lighting quality and energy saving technology expected from state-of-the-art LED. They create solutions with a better quality of light, lower energy consumption and reduced environmental footprint.

Telldus Technologies AB

Telldus Technologies AB engage in developing technology for smart homes, offices and, all types of buildings. Our solution currently has over 90.000 users in Scandinavia to monitor their homes around the clock. The majority of these users use our products to control lighting and appliances in their homes and to build intelligent lighting controls is also very important for us to be a part of.



IU is a company that specializes in making it easier for the public sector to procure sustainable furnishings and lighting in accordance with LOU, the Public Procurement Act. We create the detailed product specification / shopping basket that is needed for the purchaser’s request documentation to be complete.

We want to help the municipalities to set requirements for interior design and lighting according to the regulations.

Nordic Firefly

Nordic Firefly provides intelligent electronic devices that can store solar energy and reuse it to light up the night. We contribute to the development of sustainable, well-designed and reliable lighting products of high quality based on solar energy and efficient LEDs. This type of lighting products work independently of the grid, can be placed everywhere and contributes in making our surroundings more beautiful and safer to stay in


Living Energy

Solar street lighting solution developer and producer delivering products and light-as-a-service to market. We develop CO2 neutral energy generating solutions, power plants as well as individual industry solutions to individual customers. As an EPC we Engineer, Procure and Construct assets and deliver related services. As an independent power producer we offer to supply electricity based on a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).


We supply the professional market with quality products for lighting. And installations, control systems and complete entrepreneur projects. Lumenex is your dependable and affordable partner in light, controls and installation work.