Watch our theme day on circadian lighting

On May 19, Lighting Metropolis held a theme day on circadian rhythm lighting. It attracted a large crowd, including researchers, business and public sector representatives. Here you have the chance […].. Read more

New guidelines will accelerate public investment in climate-smart lighting

  The need for energy efficiency in public lighting is urgent if we are to achieve the set climate targets. In addition, public lighting can account for up to 30-50% […].. Read more

Bold and innovative thinking bring our start-ups together

  Our growing community of lighting-related start-ups displayed an impressive range of innovations and services, at the latest event, in Greater Copenhagen. Facilitating the exchange of experiences and opportunities is […].. Read more

Citizen involvement key to successful public light replacement

  Albertslund recruited more than 50 local ‘light ambassadors’, representing landowners and housing associations, when launching a large-scale replacement project of public streetlighting. The municipality now shares their most valuable […].. Read more

The right light in schools improves academic performance

Our fully booked conference on Light Quality In Schools attracted 80 guests from across the lighting industry, cities and regions. The audience was given presentations on light impacts, light architecture, […].. Read more

Intelligent streetlighting as a good business case for cities

  In Denmark alone there are around 1.000.000 lighting points, of which only 20-30% are LED-based, and out of those fewer still carry sensors. The potential for applying energysaving measures […].. Read more

New advisory board to raise the bar for lighting standards in Greater Copenhagen

The Lighting Metropolis initiative, to accelerate the shift to modern lighting technology across the region, also provides a major opportunity to update the criteria that cities set out in their […].. Read more

PRESS RELEASE: Unique consultancy agreement will strengthen Greater Copenhagen as a leading metropolis for modern lighting

Five consulting firms in Sweden and Denmark have won an EU procurement totaling 13 MSEK to help municipalities and regions accelerate the transition to energy-saving LED of high quality in […].. Read more

After the success of Danish DOLL, comes Swedish SILL

  Denmark has DOLL, Europe’s largest test and demonstration area for smart outdoor lighting. Sweden is now planning to launch SILL; the equivalent for indoor lighting, in Lund. Together they […].. Read more

Meet our new startup lighting community

Greater Copenhagen’s new community for lighting startups has officially launched, at a kickoff event in Malmö. The startups pitched their diverse and unique range of expertise, products and services to our […].. Read more

Big EU-tender aims to create ‘super’ lighting consultant consortia in Greater Copenhagen

  Gate 21, the project organisation for green growth, has on behalf of Lighting Metropolis partners published an EU-tender that aims to create a new generation of lighting consultancy service […].. Read more

Invitation to market dialogues for lighting consultants

  Consultant in Sweden & Denmark are hereby invited to information meetings, arranged by Gate 21 & Innovation Skåne, ahead of an upcoming tender for framework agreements for advice on […].. Read more

How cities in Greater Copenhagen plan to create common framework for LED-replacement

  As cities and regions around the globe plan how to replace their old lighting infrastructure with LED, many will feel overwhelmed by the increasingly complex task at hand. Lighting […].. Read more

PRESS RELEASE: Green light for new Lighting Metropolis project

A new lighting project will lead to energy savings in the region corresponding to the annual energy consumption of around 1800 households. Only one fifth of the public lighting in […].. Read more

Light & sound at the playground

The mayor of Albertslund, Steen Christiansen; came out to play last night with the pupils from year 8 and 9 from Herstedlund school, when the interactive sound & light was […].. Read more

Light, learning & data

In the last couple of weeks, LED lights have been set on Svebølle Skole’s facade and concrete bench, some of which have built-in LED lights. The installations will be used […].. Read more

Our lighting conference in pictures

The first ever instalment of the Metropolis: by Light conference has now been held in Malmö, and we would like to reach out to each one of you who contributed […].. Read more

New centre with light as treatment of eating disorder opens

The Capital Region has officially opened its new and state-of-the-art center  for patients with eating disorders, featuring integrated dynamic lighting as part of a research trial. At the forefront of […].. Read more

Interactive path in Roskilde opens

  The new and interactive bicycle path in the City of Roskilde has now been officially opened to the public, with the aim to attract more visitors to the creative quarter […].. Read more

Lund university develops new assessment tools for municipalities

Research, conducted by Lund University, provides new and important complementary tools for decision makers, to assess pedestrians perceptions before making major investments in outdoor lighting. As one of the key […].. Read more

Conference keynote speakers confirmed

We are proud to announce a diverse range of international keynote speakers at our conference on Sep 12-15 in Malmö, Sweden, brought together by a common passion for lighting and […].. Read more

Building effective transnational partnerships

  “The Lighting Metropolis project has strengthened existing networks and established new collaborations between stakeholders. At the same time, it has identified regional strongholds and market niches in the field […].. Read more

Big potential for LED-investments in Greater Copenhagen

  A new and exclusive report by Gate 21 & Innovation Skåne, estimates a big potential for LED-investment, and its related energy savings, in Greater Copenhagen.   As a part of […].. Read more

World’s first ZOOper bicycle path opened

  Luminous animal sculptures nudge kids to take the healthy & safe path to school Egedal’s ZOOper bicycle path is the world’s first of its kind. Along the 2.3 km […].. Read more

Our partners visit Eindhoven

Lighting Metropolis partners selected Eindhoven as they’re choice for the latest study trip, to get inspired and exchange Smart City ideas with some of the key initiators and project leaders […].. Read more

Testing interactive lighting on the Musicon path

The Musicon project’s aim is to establish an attractive link between the new creative quarter, Musicon village and Roskilde’s city center – and to connect visitors to the path from […].. Read more

Brighter Brunnshög: Experiencing the future with Virtual Reality

At the city library in Lund, visitors were given the opportunity to experience the future smart urban area of Brunnshög in a Virtual Reality environment. With the use of VR […].. Read more

Minister of Health and Social Affairs visits neonatal ward

Just before the Easter holydays, Sweden’s Minister of Health and Social Affairs, Annika Strandhäll, visited Helsingborg’s general hospital and the new neonatal unit, which opened March 16. The unit has […].. Read more

New neonatal lighting could set new standards

The staff at Helsingborg’s new neonatal unit hope, that their innovative lighting solution will inspire other hospitals to rethink, how light is traditionally used, and how it can play an […].. Read more

Experimental study of light at the psychiatric ward

  The new psychiatric ward for patients with eating disorders in Ballerup has now opened for patients. It features an innovative dynamic lighting solution, that will now be tested as […].. Read more

Temadag: LED-belysning i kommunale bygninger

Lighting Metropolis afholder spændende seminar om LED-belysning i kommunale bygninger torsdag d. 8. marts 2018, kl. 10.00-14.30 i Gate 21 – Liljens Kvarter 2, 2620 Albertslund. Du kan se programmet her og sikre din tilmelding i […].. Read more

Get up to date on LED-lighting for public buildings

As part of our aim to share knowledge with the lighting industry, we recently held a themed seminar at Gate 21 on LED lighting for public buildings. The event was […].. Read more

NEW REPORT: Improve decision making on sustainable LED solutions

Our academic partners are driving Greater Copenhagen’s ambition to become a leader across a wide spectrum of lighting research. One of the most important, and urgent, research work is to […].. Read more

Region Skåne’s groundbreaking new neonatal unit opens

Region Skåne, a key funding partner in Lighting Metropolis, invites you to join partner colleagues for the grand opening of its brand new neonatal unit in Helsingborg, on March 16. […].. Read more

Lighting Metropolis launches free seminars on public lighting

As cities embrace the new lighting technology, and its embedded possibilites, more knowledge is needed to help bring about, and spread, the revolution across Greater Copenhagen in Denmark & Sweden. […].. Read more

Lighting Metropolis opens Scandinavia’s first PoE office

Scandinavia’s first powered-over-ethernet ofice has opened in Albertslund, Denmark. Behind the project lies a unique collaboration between Philips, Cisco, TDC & the municipality.  Philips Lighting has installed the first Power-over-Ethernet […].. Read more

Creating naturally healthy light at the new neonatal unit

During spring 2018, the new neonatal unit at Helsingborg hospital will switch on its new and natural light environments, for children, parents and staff.  On February 16th, 13.00 – 17.00, you […].. Read more

5 great reasons to visit our light festivals in Greater Copenhagen

This February the Scandinavian sky will be brighter than usual, when two festivals light up the winter darkness. During Copenhagen Light Festival you can experience more than 30 installations specially […].. Read more

Interactive animals light up school path

Egedal Municipality is implementing a smart lighting system along the bicycle path between Veksø and Lærkeskolen in Stenløse in a partnership with Aalborg University, Lolle & Nielsen, Prisma Light and […].. Read more

New automated matchmaking service

  Together with our partners Invest in Skåne & Copenhagen Capacity we are now developing a new automated web based matchmaking service service for smart lighting industry actors who wish […].. Read more

Making safety lighting a part of the event

How can safety lighting be better integrated at large-scale events? Jens Hammer is a MSc Lighting Design student at Aalborg University in Copenhagen, who currently is writing about safety lighting […].. Read more

New lighting study on reading facial expressions

Does outdoor lighting enable pedestrians to see other people’s emotional expressions? A recently published scientific paper by Steve Fotios at University of Sheffield and Maria Johansson at Lund University discusses […].. Read more

Lighting Metropolis goes to Lyon

Our partners from across Greater Copenhagen joined us for a very sucessful study trip to  this year’s Fête des Lumières in Lyon. Apart from the spectuclar light festival itself, we […].. Read more

Greater Copenhagen’s planned LED investments

  Lighting Metropolis has taking the initiative to survey Greater Copenhagen’s potential for replacing existing road lighting and lighting in public buildings, to assess future scale of investment. The task […].. Read more

Gate 21 moves into the ‘building of the future’

One of the demonstration projects in our living lab is the development of  a ‘building of the future’ – now Gate 21’s new domicile in Albertslund. The new office building […].. Read more

DTU reopens a smarter library

  Denmark’s Technical University (DTU) has reopened their library, after months of refurbishment work, as a smarter library, with several new features. Apart from improved accoustic, new ventilation and emergency exits […].. Read more

Roskilde creates interactive path

  The interactive Musicon path begins construction work today, and will be completed in June 2018. The 566m path stretches through the city’s the new creative quarter, and will have […].. Read more

The world’s best lighting design program

  Aalborg University in Copenhagen has received the PLDR Award for their transdisciplinary Master’s programme in Lighting Design.  The intent of the prestigious award is to recognise the institution that has made […].. Read more

Albertslund looking for light & sound partners

Albertslund seeks new partners for an innovative lighting project in an outdoor play area, where light and sound will encourage children – and their parents – to be outside all […].. Read more

Light + art workshop draws large crowd

  Our co-creation lighting workshop on the topic ‘Innovation in Art’ draws large amount of participants to Nikolaj Contemporary Art Center. As the number of art related demonstration and development […].. Read more

New innovation manager joins Lighting Metropolis

Flemming Jørgensen, Innovation Manager, in front of Gate 21’s new office building – which in itself is a demonstration project for a connected + intelligent ceiling (developed by our partners […].. Read more

Russian & American interest in Lighting Metropolis

Two of our partners, city of Malmö & Aalborg Unviersity, have been invited to share Lighitng Metropolis’ cutting edge approach for developing sustainable and liveable cities through innovative lighting solutions. […].. Read more

VR project successfully demonstrated

Nearly one thousand visitors joined us at the recently held VR-lab event in Lund, Sweden. Judging by the interactivity of the visitors trying out our newly developed VR lighting experience […].. Read more

New innovation manager joins LM

  Fredrik Malmberg has joined Lighting Metropolis as an innovation manager with Innovation Skåne in Lund as a base. Fredrik takes on the role and tasks from Markus Mårtensson, who […].. Read more

Premiere for AAU’s Brighter Brunnshög VR-demo

  This Saturday, Sep 16, Aalborg University in Copenhagen’s students let the public experience their new VR lighting demo project, as a result of their research work & collaboration with […].. Read more

A new paradigm for light & learning

Reference photo of Hertsedlund school, and not part of the actual classroom design. Classroom lighting got a renewed focus globally when the smart boards were introduced about ten years ago. […].. Read more

Smart ligting + urban art redefined

  As new technologies offer new possibilities to enhance citizens’ experience of public spaces, it also offers companies, researchers & cities the opportunity to co-create innovative demonstration projects. In a special […].. Read more

Bridging the knowledge gap

  With cross-disciplinary competencies predicted to be in high demand in 2020, a new & timely study by Aalborg University in Copenhagen comprehensively maps the current gaps between the demand […].. Read more

Experience the Hyperchromalux

  As part of the upcoming Vestegnen’s Culture Week, 8-17/9, in Copenhagen’s western suburbs – the city of Albertslund will exhibit a new artistic and digital lighting invention – titled […].. Read more

Egedal is looking for an innovation partner

Egedal Municipality is looking for partners for a development project as a part of the Lighting Metropolis project. The purpose of the their development project is to encourage school children aged […].. Read more

Testing Human Centric Lighting for Neonatal unit

Our demonstration project for the County of Skåne (Region Skåne), which aims to develop Human Centric Lighting for the Neonatal unit at Helsingborg Hospital, has now gone into its test phase. This […].. Read more

Zumtobel Group opens showroom in Malmö

Zumtobel Group has opened its first showroom displaying the international lighting group’s entire product range. In collaboration with the Norwegian architecture firm Snøhetta, the Zumtobel Group has created a space […].. Read more

DK & SE projects shortlisted for design awards

Farum Midtpunkt, by Rambøll, is one of the shortlisted projects.   Three Danish & three Swedish lighting design projects have been shortlisted for the international DARC awards. The DARC awards […].. Read more

IIIEE to help cities go green

All municipal partners in Lighting Metropolis have been invited by the IIIEE*, at Lund University, to participate in interviews where local knowledge of and practises for LED procurement will be […].. Read more

CBS involves LM in Smart City course

Lighting Metropolis meets cross-disciplinary students from Finland & Denmark to discuss shared smart city challenges. As part of a ‘Smart City Challenges’ summer course, offered by Copenhagen Business School in […].. Read more

INVITATION: Zumtobel’s new showroom

On June 13 Zumtobel Group welcomes you to join the Grand Opening of their new showroom in Malmö. It is Zumtobel’s first multi-brand showroom within the Zumtobel Group, developed in […].. Read more

IN THE SPOTLIGHT: DONG Energy & the Musicon project

As the team behind the Musicon path project are getting ready to instal their innovative lighting solutions at Roskilde’s new creative quarter, DONG Energy reveals the collaborative process behind with […].. Read more

Outdoor LED products now cost-match traditional ones

At a recent seminar on the lifecycle of LED, facilitated by the International Institute of Industrial Environmental Economics at Lund University (IIIEE), we asked post-doctoral researcher Leena Tähkämö from Aalto […].. Read more

Future light competencies required by industry

A research team at Aalborg University in Copenhagen (AAU CPH) have identified a list of 111 light related competencies, across 8 different categories, required by the industry to future proof […].. Read more

Smart kids drive Smart City in Egedal

  A group of creative schoolchildren spent most of their Monday afternoon designing smart lighting solutions for their own bike path between their school, Lærkeskolen, and the village of Veksø. […].. Read more

Participate in our neonatal lighting design project

Region Skåne is currently looking for a lighting designer or lighting studio to work on a new innovation project at the new Neonatal ward at Helsingborg hospital. Tests will be […].. Read more

Strategies & actions for smart growth in the Capital Region of Denmark

Greater Copenhagen is Denmark’s and southern Sweden’s growth engine, and a metropolitan region with a global impact. We asked Chief Consultant Henrik Madsen, at the Capital Region – a supporting […].. Read more

Light Festivals in Greater Copenhagen

Frost Connecting music, light and alternative spaces Frost Festival challenges the common concert format and reinstates its elements into innovative events. These once-in-a-lifetime events invite guests to explore the city […].. Read more

Albertslund engages residents in the development of innovative lighting

  The municipaliy of Albertslund has just launched its fourth Lighting Metropolis demonstration project, titled “Significant light at Hyldespjældet”, a residential area from the 1970’s known for its cluster houses, […].. Read more

The world’s brightest cities

In a brand new international benchmark study, conducted by Copenagen Capacity that analyses the best perfoming cities within a range of lighting criterias, Greater Copenhagen takes a prominent 3rd position. […].. Read more

Lighting engineer to Roskilde – job opportunity

  The city of Roskilde is looking for an experienced lighting engineer/designer to be part of  a creative collaboration with the city and its two partners – Aalborg Unviersity and Dong […].. Read more

Smart Egedal project manager – job opportunity

  The municipality of Egedal, Denmark, is looking for the right person to implement their new Smart City strategy – which is expected to get confirmed by the local council […].. Read more


    The city of Lund is currently undergoing rapid developments in a number of areas, such as the Light Rail project, as well as having relocated City Hall itself […].. Read more

EXCLUSIVE – Lifecycle of LED review

Our dedicated team at IIIEE, consisting of 14 MESPOM students and associate professors Thomas Lindhqvist & Mikael Backman.   Lighting Metropolis & the International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics (IIIEE) […].. Read more

Innovation through procurement

  Lighting Metropolis is joining forces with another Interreg project, Cleantech TIPP (Cleantech Testbed for Innovative Public Procurement) to develop clearer legal guidelines for how to better utilise EU’s new […].. Read more

LM featured in Landscape magazine

The Swedish magazine ‘Landscape’ features an article about the city of Malmö’s innovative approach to light, in general, and their contribution to Lighting Metropolis in particular in their latest issue. […].. Read more

Speed-Dating for Partnerships in Asia

Copenhagen Capacity, the official organization for investment, promotion and business development in Greater Copenhagen, are offering interested companies across Greater Copenhagen the opportunity to meet five of South Korea’s largest lighting […].. Read more

Taking light beyond illumination

Philips is taking light beyond illumination, with its connected systems. Philips has been revolutionizing lighting for over 125 years. They pioneered the world changing development of electric light and LED, […].. Read more

Bridging the knowledge gap

    With lighting infrastructure increasingly seen as the key enabler of the Smart City, many different parties are now entering the arena to claim ownership of the latest practises […].. Read more

Iconic Energy Tower lit up by artist

  The city of Roskilde is warming up to their annual Light Fest at the Cultural Alley (28/10) by inviting awardwinning artist Fabrizio Chrisafulli to light up the iconic Energy Tower […].. Read more

New MA in lighting design a success

  The first graduates last June from Aalborg University’s pioneering new MSc in Lighting Design, entered a market craving for a new type of lighting designer. Half of the students […].. Read more

The life cycle review of LED

The time is ripe for a life cycle review of LED, say Associate Professors Thomas Lindhqvist & Mikael Backman. Two researchers at Lund University have just launched a new project […].. Read more

Opportunity for Danish companies

Innovation Centre Denmark is looking for one more Danish small or medium sized enterprise (SME) to join the Danish Prime Minister in Seoul for a Smart Cities Innovation Camp on […].. Read more

Job ad: Lighting Designer to Lund

Are you an experienced and visionary lighting designer, interested in participating in our innovative demonstration project? The municipality of Lund is looking for a lighting designer for an exciting demo project […].. Read more

Job ad: Lighting Designer to Roskilde

Are you an experienced and visionary lighting designer, and interested in joining our expanding project team? We have an exciting opportunity for the right candidate; to create a unique identity for […].. Read more

New research platform in Greater CPH

As part of Lighting Metropolis’ vision to establish an innovation platform for Smart City lighting solutions, three of the leading universities in Greater Copenhagen are now intensifying their efforts to […].. Read more

Next generation lighting designers

The next generation of urban Lighting Designers will work in cities that are smarter and more integrated than ever before. But the sheer speed of development in LED-technology risks putting […].. Read more

Dynamic LED-light improves sleep

A new study from Lund Technical university, LTH, confirms that dynamic LED-light that adapts according to daylight variations improves the quality of students’ sleep.  Sleep related problems are on the […].. Read more

Meet our innovation managers

Lighting Metropolis now has two innovation managers, Catja Thystrup from Denmark who joined the project back in November at Gate 21, and Markus Mårtensson from Sweden who joined the Secretariat […].. Read more

We’re sponsoring Smart City event

Lighting Metropolis is a proud sponsor of the international Smart City conference that takes place on June 6-8 in Copenhagen. Greater Copenhagen Smart Solutions: Living Labs for Liveable Cities. The […].. Read more

Light as a key branding tool for cities

Having an UNESCO heritage site dominating a city centre, also means visitors tend to forget to explore the streets behind it, as they’re herded between their tour buses and the […].. Read more

What is the real value of innovation?

Lighting Metropolis recently invited all our partners to an ‘innovation day’, hosted by the City of Malmö, to discuss best-practices and typical traps to avoid. One of the presenters was Jonas Klevhag, […].. Read more

The latest best-practises for LED

A new report from the International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics(IIIEE) at Lund University showcases a selection of best-practises for the application of LED. The publication is a collective undertaking […].. Read more

A new handbook for evaluating LED

Professor Maria Johansson and her team at the department of Environmental Psychology at Lund’s Technical University (LTH), are currently researching LED light’s perceived experience by people in urban environments. The […].. Read more

New & innovative partners

While our project already have 25 official partners, we are now looking to add a diverse range of small-to-medium sized enterprises to join our team in building of a world […].. Read more