Join the lighting revolution

As substantial investments in lighting infrastructure are being planned and implemented regionally and in municipalities, we continue to gain new, groundbreaking knowledge about lighting, its effects on people, and the technological possibilities of creating beneficial lighting solutions.

Our vision
With Lighting Metropolis, Greater Copenhagen has established itself as a leading region for innovative lighting solutions and now – with the Green Economy initiative – also driving large-scale LED-investments with clear strategies and guidelines for municipalities on how to implement public lighting that is both sustainable and of high quality.

Spotlighting Greater Copenhagen
Covering Capital Region, Region Zealand in Denmark, plus Region Skåne in Sweden, Greater Copenhagen is home to 3.8 million inhabitants. Lighting Metropolis has put Greater Copenhagen on the map as the centre where regions, municipalities, private businesses, and knowledge institutions collaborate to develop and showcase leading smart urban lighting, becoming the destination for visitors looking to see the latest and best solutions in lighting and related smart city technology taken off the drawing board and into the streets.

Initiating and furthering collaboration

Lighting Metropolis works to make Greater Copenhagen the region where global companies invest in the innovation, testing and demonstration of future solutions in collaboration with cities, scientists and local companies. Greater Copenhagen is home to strong research environments in lighting design, photonics and biological lighting. These competencies have so far been dispersed and poorly coordinated; by bringing the region’s unique competencies into closer play, the full potential of new lighting and smart city technology is now being maximized to benefit cities, citizens and businesses.