Greater Copenhagen is a metropolitan region that spans Eastern Denmark and Skåne in Southern Sweden.

The 79 municipalities in Greater Copenhagen are home to 3.9 million inhabitants and Scandinavia’s largest recruitment base of highly-skilled employees. The region offers world class research facilities and a creative business environment with access to the markets of two countries.

Greater Copenhagen aims to be the leading metropolis in Northern Europe in terms of attracting and retaining international investments, companies, tourism and talent.

The Greater Copenhagen collaboration

The Greater Copenhagen Collaboration is a political platform for promoting regional collaboration and economic growth. The mayors and regional chairpersons of Eastern Denmark lead the Collaboration.

In close dialogue with business and other key players in Greater Copenhagen, the Greater Copenhagen Collaboration launches strategic initiatives to generate economic growth and create jobs in Greater Copenhagen.


In 2020, Greater Copenhagen will be a leading international hub for investment and knowledge capable of competing with the most successful metropolises in Europe.

By then, our regional collaboration on a focused growth agenda will have created significant economic growth and increased employment in Southern Scandinavia’s international metropolis – Greater Copenhagen.