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International Conference — Living Lab Tours — Light Event

We invite you to the city of Malmö as Lighting Metropolis presents Metropolis: by Light. The event will feature a conference at Malmö Live 13 – 14 September, living lab visits on 12 – 15 September and ten days of celebrating innovative urban lighting installations around the city afterwards. 

Greater Copenhagen – a brighter region

As the EU-supported project Lighting Metropolis opens its world-leading living lab for smart, urban & human centric lighting in September 2018, a new eco-system for a new era in lighting innovation open up new possibilites both for municipalities, companies, universities and organisations around the globe. Greater Copenhagen is the promoter of a more collaborative, transparent and  inclusive spirit to create more liveable cities – and you are invited to join us in 2018 to connect with our diverse range of partners, explore their solutions, get inspired by the visionary industry leaders, learn about the latest findings from the research institutions – and not least celebrate a new era in urban lighting.

The :by Light concept was developed by the city of Malmö, to create an urban platform for innovative lighting solutions that would meet the future demands of our increasingly complex urban scape and its city dwellers.

International conference for innovative lighting

To kick off the whole event, an international conference will showcase innovative lighting solutions – achieved through ground-breaking collaborations across the region – provide cutting edge knowledge and thoughts from industry leaders in keynote seminars on innovative lighting as a means for more liveable cities.

 Evening Tours
Parallel Living Lab Bus Tours – Outdoor Lighting
#1 DOLL Living Lab – Danish Outdoor Lighting Lab in Albertslund is Europe’s largest test field, showroom and innovation hub within intelligent lighting and Smart City
#2 Light & Art in Copenhagen – Interactive lighting design at Storm 20, replacement of luminaires to LED and visit to Nikolaj Square and Art Gallery
#3 Interactive urban lighting – Interactive lighting at paths and squares in Roskilde and Egedal
#4 Innovative lighting in Lund – Lighting for a smart urban area, safer and more attractive biking environments and outdoor lighting for people with visual impairment
Details about the Living Lab Tours here.
09.00–09.10 Welcome speech 
09.10–09.30 Presentation of Lighting Metropolis Niels Carsten Bluhme, Project Director, Albertslund Municipality
09.30–10.15 Keynote Florence Lam – Lighting for Humanity
10.15–10.45 Coffee break
Biological Lighting – effects on health and wellbeing Ellen Kathrine Hansen, Kristina Aggergaard & Åsa Moum
Care homes
Light and learning
The new neonatal unit
11.30–12.00 Keynote Joachim Ritter 
12.00–13.30 Lunch
Interactive and safety lighting in public spaces
School crossing
Interactive bicycle lane
Brighter Brunnshög place branding
Green bicycle path
14.45–15.15 Coffee break
15.15–16.00 Keynote Sandra Rey – The future of lighting. What if nature had the solution?
16.00 –16.10 End of sessions
16.10 –17.00 Network and exhibition
19.00-21.30 Conference dinner
21.30 Guided tour of the :by Light event
Friday morning and afternoon you can choose between three parallel activities: Seminars | Round table talks | Bus tours.
Morning parallel sessions 
09.00–09.40 The lighting revolution in Greater Copenhagen – The City Round table talks –Innovation, Research, Experience, Design
#5 Living Lab Tour – Indoor Lighting
Biological lighting in the psychiatry, elderly care, office and school
8.30 – 12.30 
09.40–10.15 Public private innovation – A new way of making innovative lighting solutions for the citizens
Joakim Nelson & Jacob Lundgaard
10.15–10.45 Coffee break
10.45–11.15 Light and Design – the :by Light concept Johan Moritz Round table talks –Innovation, Research, Experience, Design
11.15 –12.00 New Research in Lighting Maria Johansson & Hillevi Hämphälä


Afternoon parallel sessions 

13.30–14.10 The lighting revolution in Greater Copenhagen – Research and Education Michael Mullins Round table talks –Innovation, Research, Experience, Design
#6 Living lab tour – Indoor Lighting
Lighting for office, canteen & neonatal unit
13.30 – 16.30
14.10 –14.45
Public private innovation – A new way of making innovative lighting solutions for the citizens
14.45–15.15 Coffee break
15.15 –15.45 Light and Design – The concept of lighting events Round table talks –Innovation, Research, Experience, Design
15.45–16.30 New Research in Lighting Paul Michael Pedersen & Jessica Luth Richter
#7 Living Lab Bus Tour – Indoor & Outdoor Lighting
Lighting for the office, canteen, neonatal unit and safety

As part of Metropolis: by Light you get the chance to visit some of Lighting Metropolis’ demonstration projects. The Living Lab Bus Tours take you on guided tours to some of the most innovative lighting projects in Greater Copenhagen.


Wednesday 12 September

#1 DOLL Living Lab – Albertslund

Departure from Malmö 18.30 → Arrival in Malmö 22.00

We will visit DOLL (Danish Outdoor Lighting Lab) in Albertslund. It is Europe’s largest test field, showroom and innovation hub within intelligent lighting and Smart City. Here, a 1:1 experience of outdoor lighting is offered.

DOLL supports municipalities, regions and private companies in the development of new and improved lighting solutions. The LED technology can lead to major cost and energy reductions and serve as a framework for future smart city technologies and many more positive aspects like safety etc.


#2 Art, urban spaces and replacement of luminaires to LED in Copenhagen

Departure from Malmö 18.30 → Arrival in Malmö 22.00

The tour begins at Denmark’s first citizen workshop for history and arts, Storm 20, where we will see its interactive lighting design. Then we walk through the city centre to see and hear about the replacement of 20.000 luminaires to LED across the city. We will also hear about a new way of using lighting for a more secure pedestrian traffic. At the end of the tour we will visit Nikolaj Square and Art Gallery to see how they are creating a new way for audiences to engage with light art in a public space.


#3 Interactive lighting at paths and square & art lighting in Egedal and Roskilde

Departure from Malmö 16.30 → Arrival Malmö 22.00

We are seeing an intelligent lighting that encourages pupils to use a bike path instead of the road, and a city hall square with interactive art lighting in Egedal.

In Roskilde we see the path to the Musicon festival area with an innovative and activating lighting. In the end of the tour we are visiting the energy tower art lighting and enjoying choir song and the magnificent view from the top of the tower in Roskilde.


 #4 Innovative lighting for a new smart urban area, safer and more attractive biking environments by light installations and outdoor lighting for people with visual impairment in Lund

Departure from Valby (Copenhagen) 17.30, Copenhagen Airport 18.00, Malmö 18.30 → Arrival in Malmö 21.30

The bus picks up participants from “Lysets Dag” in Valby and arriving conference guests at Copenhagen Airport. During the tour, we will visit Brighter Brunnshög, a new neighbourhood that grows next to the research facilities MAX IV and ESS. The lighting demonstration will help to draw attention to the area as a sustainable and smart neighborhood, and to raise its attractiveness even before settlement is complete.  We will also visit a cycle path with new light installation with the purpose of creating safer and more attractive biking environments through new ways of combining design, technology and social science. Finally, we will be given a presentation about outdoor lighting for people with visual impairment.


Friday 14 September

On Friday you can either participate in the conference or join one of the following bus tours.

#5 Biological lighting in psychiatry, elderly care, office and school in Ballerup and Albertslund 

Departure from Malmö 08.30 → Arrival in Malmö 12.30

We are visiting Psychiatric Centre in Ballerup to see and hear about the use of biological lighting on symptoms of eating disorder. Afterwards we are visiting a nursing home in Albertslund where human centric lighting is used to improve health of the weak old people. We are ending in Gate 21 where we will see the office building of the future and hear about light & learning at schools.

#6 Experience energy efficient lighting, biological lighting in office, dynamic light for premature babies/staff/parents at a neonatal ward, canteen lighting for reduced food waste in Lund

Departure from Malmö 13.30 → Arrival in Malmö 16.30  

At the beginning of the tour we focus on energy efficient lighting and we will visit an office with human centric office lighting. We will hear about the development and testing of dynamic lighting solutions for premature babies in a Neonatal ward at Helsingborg General Hospital. The lighting supports the well-being of both the patients, their parents and the medical staff. Finally, we will be given a presentation about reducing food waste in school canteens by creating a welcoming and attractive eating environment.


Saturday 15 September

#7 Human centric office lighting, reduction of flicker in fixtures, canteen lighting for reduced food waste, light in a neonatal ward, safety project in Lund and Helsingborg

Departure from Malmö 09.30 → Arrival in Malmö 14.30

We will visit an office with new human centric lighting solutions and listen to the evaluations. The results from developing a cost-effective flicker-free driver and investigating the effects flicker have on people will also be presented. We will be informed how food waste can be reduced by creating a nice eating environment by using light that is designed to provide a more positive and calmer eating atmosphere in a school canteen. After lunch we will listen to the development and testing of dynamic lighting solutions for premature babies in a Neonatal ward at Helsingborg General Hospital to support the well-being of both its patients, their parents and the medical staff. The tour ends with a presentation on how Helsingborg spotlighted urban problem areas with smart lighting solutions that make people focus on the art, light and sound and make the citizens feel safer.

Florence Lam

Light is fundamental to humanity from securing safety and resilience, enabling inclusiveness and equality; to facilitating social interaction and achieving prosperity. It is vital for day- and night-time lighting to be included in all built environment planning and design to foster truly inclusive and healthy cities.  The role that urban lighting will play in future cities will be influenced by a multitude of social, technological, economic, environmental and political factors. Cities will need to be more resilient to the challenges of the future, while also being safe and fun places to live.  Florence’s keynote will offer a perspective on how lighting technology and design solutions may contribute to achieving city resilience and sustainability.


Joachim Ritter


Joachim Ritter is a journalist and thought leader in the field of international lighting design with 35 years’ professional experience. Special topics: architecture, lighting design and lighting technology. Joachim is the head of the VIA publishing group and editor-in-chief of the Professional Lighting Design platform.

With his partner and his team he co-organises international workshops, conferences and other educational activities to promote the lighting design profession. With his partner he developed the world leading Alingsås lighting workshop which he handed over to the municipality after 13 years of development. He is the initiator and organiser of the global Professional Lighting Design Convention, PLDC, which to date has taken place in London 2007, Berlin 2009, Madrid 2011, Copenhagen 2013, Rome 2015, Paris 2017 and since 2014 includes the international young designers’ speakers competition The Challenge. In Paris more than 2100 attendees registered for PLDC. He creates and organises events such as Think Tanks for future trends in architecture and lighting.

Joachim Ritter was a founding and Fellow member of PLDA, a member of the board for 15 years and served as a member of the Board of the IALD Education Trust Fund from 2005 to 2006.

He continues to play an active role in establishing the architectural lighting design profession and is involved in efforts to gain recognition for the profession at EU level. Joachim is currently developing an international CPD-platform, specialised for professional lighting designers which will be launched in August 2018. His network of experts is of a global nature. His business co-ordination and design expertise is globally acknowledged. He has a valuable overview and network of designers, manufacturers, educators and researchers.

Sandra Rey

Sandra is a passionate and dreamy entrepreneur, who, after her diploma in industrial design, completed her formation with a social entrepreneurship degree.

During her professional experience, she has always been surrounded by innovation and prospective, leading her to participate into a student contest about synthetic biology where she started to ask herself some questions about economical and ecological issues of electrical lighting. That’s in front of a TV show about deap-sea bioluminescent creatures that she had the idea to use those super-powers of creating light to revolutionize the way we illuminate our cities, keeping a naive and optimistic but realistic vision on the mutation of energetical models for tomorrow.



The price for the full event including conference, Living Lab Bus Tours, lunch and the Thursday night conference dinner is

350 EUR

After registering for the event you will receive an invoice from Malmö Stad



The conference takes place at

Malmö Live
Dag Hammarskjölds Torg 4
211 18 Malmö

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Accommodation in Malmö

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12 sept. 1595 SEK

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Please note that an administration fee (50 SEK) will be added


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