Lighting for Humanity

Lighting Metropolis and the solutions born out of the project are centered around humans – our needs and wellbeing.

At Metropolis: by Light Florence Lam, Arup Fellow  and Global Lighting Designer, will deliver a keynote speech:

Light is fundamental to humanity – from securing safety and resilience and enabling equality to facilitating social interaction and achieving prosperity. Florence’s keynote will offer perspective on how lighting technology and design solutions may contribute to achieving resilience and sustainability.

Florence is an Arup Fellow and leads Arup’s global lighting design practice. Her expertise in daylight, visual perception and holistic lighting approaches play a key role in many of her projects – from museums to airports, bridges and city precincts. Florence was responsible for delivering a range of lighting projects for the London Olympic Games in 2012. As a lighting designer she has a strong interest in visual light art and has collaborated with various artists and architects on public projects including Anish Kapoor’s ArcelorMittal Orbit in London, the World’s Largest Timepiece in Zurich and Dongdaemun World Design Park in Seoul.

During the conference you also get to visit the demonstration projects in Greater Copenhagen that are testing solutions in real  environments used by real people.

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Round table talks

During Metropolis: by Light you are invited to participate in round table talks facilitated by industry leaders.  The topics will center around innovation, research, experience and design.

Mark Major will moderate one of these discussions. He will give a short presentation about a subject of his choice – related to lighting design or lighting designers – and afterwards there will be a creative discussion about the presented topic.

Conference guests will be able to partake and a censor, who is not a professional in the field of lighting design will take notes to analyse the vocabulary and way to address the subject.

Mark Major, BA (Hons) Dip Arch RIBA FRIAS IALD RDI, trained and practiced as an architect prior to focusing on the unique relationship between light and architecture. He has worked on a wide range of award-winning lighting projects including the Millennium Dome, 30 St. Mary Axe, Beijing

International Airport, the refurbishment of Royal Festival Hall and the re-lighting of the interior of St. Paul’s Cathedral. He is a specialist in the field of urban lighting and was named as a key city advisor by Monocle in 2013. Mark acted as the Lighting Design Advisor to the Olympic Delivery Authority for London 2012 and was appointed to the Mayor of London’s Special Assistance team for the Outer London Fund in the same year. With an active interest in architectural and lighting education Mark has lectured extensively in the UK, Europe, Scandinavia, U.S. and Australia.

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Lighting Metropolis has strengthened collaborations and projects across knowledge institutions and are continuously making the latest knowledge in the field accessible and understandable. Both the private and public sector see the need for better education in lighting and smart solutions. One of the areas of research has been to analyse supply and demand from a perspective of furthering new education and vocational training, academic education, and further education, including proposing competence development activities, particularly for the public sector. These important and urgent aspects of the lighting industry, plus many more will be presented and discussed at the conference.

Sept. 13th
Biological Lighting – effects on health and wellbeing  by Ellen Kathrine Hansen, Kristina Aggergaard & Åsa Moum
Sept. 14th
New Research in Lighting  by Maria Johansson & Hillevi Hemphälä 
Sept. 14th
New Research in Lighting by Paul Michael Pedersen & Jessika Luth Richter

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The conference offers excellent opportunities to meet peers and make new contacts:

  • Living lab tours – taking one of our many guided bus tours to our installations is one of the best ways, and most natural way, of meeting delegates. Each installation along a tour offers new possibilities to discuss the presented solution with peers, and how something similar perhaps could be adapted in your own city.
  • Networking dinner on the Thursday – after a session-packed first day at the conference everyone’s full of new impressions and ready to sit back and enjoy some tasty food, drinks and entertainment; perfect opportunity to more casually discuss topics that can inspire good conversations around the table.
  • Lobby exhibition – you are recommended to make good use of the dedicated conference exhibition right outside the conference hall, where delegates will gather in the breaks, close to the coffee machines, to study all the activities from the Lighting Metropolis initiative across the region.
  • Round table talks on the Friday – these sessions, arranged by the City of Malmö, are sure to engage many delegates in the most burning topics in the lighting industry, and how to tackle the challenges ahead.
  • The urban light event, Thu eve – join delegates for a exclusive preview of some of the installations that make up this year’s major lighting event, :by Light in Malmö.
  • Finally, the conference features plenty of coffee breaks between seminars and keynotes, and the venue – Malmö Live offers excellent space for spontaneous meetings immediately next to the conference facilities.

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10 Day lighting event

The concept behind the :by Light event was developed by the city of Malmö, to create an urban platform for innovative lighting solutions that would meet the future demands of our increasingly complex urban scape and its city dwellers.

The :by Light concept is defined by its four themes; City Lights, Artistic Light, Place a Light and Tentative Light.

City Lights

The purpose is to develop new creative solutions for lighting design in the public space. For this purpose, a project group is required consisting of a lighting designer, a producer and an electrician. Research institutions and end users can participate.

Artistic Light

A number of artists are given creative freedom to design light installations in the public space, within pre-defined conditions.

Place a Light

Every :by Light event leaves a number of permanent light installations as a lasting imprint. Similar project group constellation as in City Lights is required.

Tentative Light

Without any other restrictions than a pre-defined space, students get the opportunity to create the light settings under the supervision of a teacher. And, importantly, no lighting designer is involved in this theme.

Read more about this event here on Malmö’s dedicated web page (will also be available in ENG before the event opens).

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Strong partnerships

The launch of Lighting Metropolis was the first decisive step in realizing a vision for Greater Copenhagen as a world’s leading Living Lab for smart urban lighting, with the aim to strengthen the significant role lighting can play in supporting safety, accessibility, identity, health, and education for people in cities. Our work to create a collaborative platform to build the living lab, with unique and innovative lighting solutions and connect the knowledge institutions will be discussed and shared with the delegates at the conference.

Raising the bar for innovation

Working from municipal and regional preferences for Living Labs, one of Lighting Metropolis’ main responsibilities is to unite the partners in raising bars and demonstration values, activating their knowledge and innovation power, involving relevant third parties, including incubator pods and start-ups.
Creating a new Living Lab for smart lighting, regions and cities across Sweden and Denmark can collaborate with private, corporate partners, and scientists making city spaces and buildings available to development, test, and demonstration.

Initiating and furthering collaboration

Lighting Metropolis works to make Greater Copenhagen the region, where global companies invest in the innovation, test, and demonstration of future solutions in collaboration with cities, scientists, and local companies.

Greater Copenhagen is home to strong research environments in lighting design, photonics, and biological lighting. These competencies are dispersed and poorly coordinated.

Bringing the region’s unique competencies into closer play, the full potential of new lighting and smart city technology will be maximised to benefit cities, citizens, and businesses.

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GREATER Copenhagen

Covering Region Skåne in Sweden, the Capital Region of Copenhagen, and Zealand in Denmark, Greater Copenhagen is home to 3.8 million inhabitants.

Lighting Metropolis will put Greater Copenhagen on the map as the centre where regions, municipalities, private businesses, and knowledge institutions collaborate to develop and showcase leading smart urban lighting, becoming the destination for visitors looking to see the latest and best solutions in lighting and related smart city technology taken off the drawing board and into the streets.

The 79 municipalities in Greater Copenhagen are home to Scandinavia’s largest recruitment base of highly-skilled employees. The region offers world class research facilities and a creative business environment with access to the markets of two countries.

Greater Copenhagen aims to be the leading metropolis in Northern Europe in terms of attracting and retaining international investments, companies, tourism and talent.

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