As part of the major lighting event in Greater Copenhagen next September, 2018, we invite you to the city of Malmö as they host Metropolis :by Light. The event will feature a conference at Malmö Live Sep 13-14, and living lab visits on Sep 12-15, and a celebration of innovative urban lighting installations around the city on Sep 14-23. The full program lineup will be posted here during April.

See the program here.

Greater Copenhagen – a brighter region.

As the EU-supported project Lighting Metropolis opens its world-leading living lab for smart, urban & human centric lighting in September 2018, a new eco-system for a new era in lighting innovation open up new possibilites both for municipalities, companies, universities and organisations around the globe. Greater Copenhagen is the promoter of a more collaborative, transparent and  inclusive spirit to create more liveable cities – and you are invited to join us in 2018 to connect with our diverse range of partners, explore their solutions, get inspired by the visionary industry leaders, learn about the latest findings from the research institutions – and not least celebrate a new era in urban lighting.

The :byLIGHT concept was developed by the city of Malmö, to create an urban platform for innovative lighting solutions that would meet the future demands of our increasingly complex urban scape and its city dwellers.

Biennale ambition

In its latest incarnation, in September 2018, the concept will be re-launched as a Greater Copenhagen event, with Malmö as its first host, and with the ambition to pass on the baton to neighbouring cities thereafter as a recurring biennale. The event will see a number of light installations in a dedicated area of the city over a period of 10 days, preceded by a 2-day international industry conference. A number of free seminars for the public are also planned during the event, including free guided light walks.

International conference for innovative lighting

To kick off the whole event, an international conference will showcase innovative lighting solutions – achieved through ground-breaking collaborations across the region – provide cutting edge knowledge and provocative thoughts from industry leaders in keynote seminars on innovative lighting as a means for more liveable cities. Registration & call for papers for the conference will open in early 2018.

Light Forum

During the months leading up to the :by Light event, a number of :by Light Forums will take place in which industry experts will discuss and promote key issues facing the lighting industry. Some of these topics will be presented during the Metropolis :by Light event as well as form part of a larger agenda to improve the future development in lighting – from procurement to partner agreements, life cycle aspects and not least design.

:byLIGHT as a concept

The :byLIGHT concept is defined by its four themes; City Lights, Artistic Light, Place a Light and Tentative Light.

City Lights (see below how to get involved)

The purpose is to develop new creative solutions for lighting design in the public space. For this purpose, a project group is required consisting of a lighting designer, a producer and an electrician. Research institutions and end users can participate. To submit a request to get involved, please use the official tender portal here (contact Bertil Göransson for more info).

Artistic Light

A number of artists are given creative freedom to design light installations in the public space, within pre-defined conditions.

Place a Light

Every :byLIGHT event leaves a number of permanent light installations as a lasting imprint. Similar project group constellation as in City Lights is required.

Tentative Light

Without any other restrictions than a pre-defined space, students get the opportunity to create the light settings under the supervision of a teacher. And, importantly, no lighting designer is involved in this theme.

▸ The City of Malmö hosts the Metropolis :byLIGHT initiative.