Copenhagen Light Festival*, Dreamlight in Helsingborg & Winter light at Tivoli.


The cities in Greater Copenhagen, and the sky above them, will be brighter than usual this coming February, as we invite you to join us in celebrating our special Winter light events in the new year.

As part of promoting these events, we are offering our followers the opportunity to join us on an inspiration (and free) roundtrip to Helsingborg & Dreamlight on 15/2, where you will both get to explore some of our demonstrationprojects in the city as well as going on a guided tour of the festival. You can see the full program and register here.

Below are the full list of the lighting events in our region during February.

Copenhagen Light Festival (Feb)

Central Copenhagen will host an outdoor lighting festival with a Danish take. The themes that you expect from Danish art and design is embedded in the events and art works of the festival: Minimalistic beauty, genuine high quality, design and art that shape light itself to human needs, sustainability, and enchanting interaction with architecture and spaces. 2018 will be our debut. A free event.

Helsingborg Dreamlight (9-18Feb)

Dreamlight is a lighting event that fills Helsingborg with striking and beautiful lighting and sound installations. In 10 days in February 2018, parks, streets and squares transform into meeting venues using groundbreaking technology, creativity and imagination. Let the whole family come out in winter evenings, wander through the city and be seduced by the unexpected. Enjoy enlightened floral arrangements, amazing light art and dramatic facade projects. A free event.

Winter at Tivoli (2-25 Feb)

Tivoli introduces their 175th anniversary with a completely new season – Winter in Tivoli. February in Copenhagen will never be the same again. Tivoli lights up the February dark with new light installations, great dining and fun rides and entertainment for children.

Smart City Living Labs (Throughout February)

Ambitious green goals, efficient 3P models, and ideal R&D facilities are turning Greater Copenhagen into a buzzing living lab for showcasing the smart, green and liveable city of tomorrow. Greater COpenhagen’s One-Point Entry service will post updates on these opportunities here soon.

In addition, you will also have the opportunity to enjoy our Winter Jazz Festival (2-25 Feb) and Winter Pride (05-11 Feb) and more.

We look forward to welcoming you in February to Greater Copenhagen – a brighter region.


*Image credit to Danish Lighting Center