Lighting Metropolis launches free seminars on public lighting

As cities embrace the new lighting technology, and its embedded possibilites, more knowledge is needed to help bring about, and spread, the revolution across Greater Copenhagen in Denmark & Sweden. A new initiative by Lighting Metropolis now offers municipalites series of free seminars to advance the wider implementation of LED.

The series of seminars are all themed around public lighting, and starts on March 8 with indoor lighting in public buildings, followed by two public outdoor lighting seminars on March 22 & April 26 respectively.

You can read more about the seminars, and register below:

March 8 – Light for building buildings (in Denmark, but for both DK & SE participants) Register by Tue 6/3
March 22 – Outdoor public lighting (In Sweden, for Swedish participants)
April 26 – Outdoor public lighting (In Denmark, for Danish participants)

(Please note the individual deadlines for registration)


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