IIIEE to help cities go green

All municipal partners in Lighting Metropolis have been invited by the IIIEE*, at Lund University, to participate in interviews where local knowledge of and practises for LED procurement will be assessed, in order to make cities smarter and more effective byers of LED – in terms of its lifecycle aspects.

The interviews are an important part of the work towards increasing regional competence in sustainable public light procurement across Greater Copenhagen, and the experience and practises of our partners are key to updating existing educational material. New guidelines in combination with increased understanding of LED’s economic, social & environmental impact will make cities more persuasive when demanding sustainability in public lighting procurement.

The interviews will be conducted during November 2017, and the result are planned to presented before the end of the year.

For more information please contact Assistant Professor Mikael Backman, at the IIIEE.

*The International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics

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