Living in Light – CONFERENCE

The Living in Light conference will investigate daylight as a starting point when transforming existing buildings and houses for contemporary living. Keynote presentations, breakout sessions, networking, and the building industries 1:1 solutions will inspire and challenge the way we think, design and build with daylight today.

This conference focuses on the potential of daylight to transform existing buildings to meet the needs of human beings. The conference offers the opportunity to discuss visions and projects with the Nordic building sector.

How do we put to the fore our holistic approach to human beings while transforming our existing and often inadequate buildings?

Legislative demands, technological development and the building sector have an important responsibility in ensuring the quality of life for people while transforming existing buildings.


Date: 23 May, 2017


Location: The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Schools of Architecture, Copenhagen

Cost: DKK 750

For more information & to register click here.


The ‘Active House’ specifications and labelling system is very useful to communicate the Active House quality of a building project, with respect to energy, comfort and sustainability, and it can at the same time be used as a dialogue and performance verification tool. ( see also )

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