Albertslund engages residents in the development of innovative lighting



The municipaliy of Albertslund has just launched its fourth Lighting Metropolis demonstration project, titled “Significant light at Hyldespjældet”, a residential area from the 1970’s known for its cluster houses, actively involved residents and display of many local sculptures and artwork.

A key aim of the project is to involve citizens in the development of new and improved lighting in the area. The partner group consists of Albertslund, DONG Energy and Aalborg University. The group has held a first meeting together with local representatives about how the area is used on a daily bases and received a lot of input. AAU is currently evaluating the existing lighting scenarios, and the next step is to receive feedback on specific ideas via the Hyldespjældet’s page on Facebook, where approximately half of the residents currently are members.

It is hoped that this citizen engagement method will support the design process to deliver a lighting solution that not only embraces the latest technologies, but also highlights the area’s unique architecture and the needs and desires of the residents.

The municipality is currently looking for Swedish partners – please click here for any further enquiries.

Read more about hte project here.


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