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Procurement legal guidelines


Lighting Metropolis is joining forces with another Interreg project, Cleantech TIPP (Cleantech Testbed for Innovative Public Procurement) to develop clearer legal guidelines for how to better utilise EU’s new guidlines for procurement processes between Denmark & Sweden, to further strengthen Greater Copenhagen as a leading regional hub for innovation.

Municipalities in both Denmark and Sweden are  facing  challenges regarding the procurement of new clean tech solutions, due to scarce financial resources and limited knowledge of the legal framework. Cleantech TIPP aims to bring about a fundamental change in the public innovation sector by creating new experiences and best-practises within municipalities about the new EU procurement law. The project will inform civil service decision makers as well as politicians about the possibilities within the EU rules and give public entities the opportunity to use their purchasing power to promote innovation while supporting local environmental goals. The project focuses on market dialogue and public-private innovation partnerships as a prerequisite for creating more innovative tenders.

Managed by Gate 21, the project gathers together 22 partners under the common vision of using public procurement as a stepping stone for innovation and growth.  Other partners include municipalities, utility companies, businesses and universities  The project  is funded by Interreg and targets three sectors industrial symbiosis, climate adaptation and innovation with the waste sector.

You can read more about the project here, including contact information.

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