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Safety project

Spotlighting urban problem areas with smart solutions

The project

The city of Helsingborg has identified two different pedestrian roads that are dark, unsafe and in close proximity to each other, to develop new lighting solutions for.

The background

Since 2006 the municipality of Helsingborg has been working with safe environment in many different ways. They have now reached a point where they would like to explore different ways of solving the problem. In 2018 Helsingborg Municipality will arrange a big light festival. During these two weeks our goal is to present new safe and attractive solutions, that will be pioneering in their way of working with light. Every year we are working with a different neighborhood and are measuring the feeling of secureness – this year one neighborhood has been especially distinguishing and we have identified two different pedestrian roads that is very dark and unsafe in rather close distance to each other.

What the project aims to solve

Helsingborg has an area in our city central that is unsecure and rather worn down and the municipality is looking for solutions that makes people focus on the art, light and sound and make the citizens feel home, instead of being afraid when they are staying at, or passing through, the areas. (see picture  of Site 1), as well as promoting people to use their bikes more while keeping bicycle accidents down.


The area is in the south part of central Helsingborg. It is a place where many people with different backgrounds, many young people and rather poor people live. Drugs, weapon and threat is an everyday issue here. Here is a brief description of the two sites in the area:

Site 1 – Consists of three tunnels; a quite isolated and unsecured environment under a high trafficked road. The speed is high and rather many bicycle accidents happens here. Still we want more people to bike.





Site 2 – A narrow pedestrian road to a tunnel where you feel trapped and unseen. Here the plan is to bring more “warmth” and sense of belonging to the road, so that the citizens feel safe and get a sense of “responsibility” for the site.





Developing concept – Spring ’17, prospecting – Autumn, ’17, opening – during light festival ‘Drömljus (Dreamlight), February ’18.

Currrent status

Seeking collaborative partners – from concept studios to prospecting consultants and product manufacturers. Please contact Josette Dahlin for more info.

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