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Light & learning at schools

Albertslund tests if new lighting designs can improve concentration and the ability to learn.

The Project

The existing luminaires need to be renovated, providing an opportunity to develop new energy efficient lighting designs of high quality for classrooms, that involves the latest knowledge in lighting design and support new ways of teaching.


The lighting in classrooms in many schools are old, the light level has decreased since they were installed. In the meantime low energy bulps has been installed a nd give a very poor light in the school. The teaching methods have changed. Teaching is not always at the blackboard. Sometimes the teachers use projectors, which demands a different setting of light. Often the pupils are divided into groups and together with a project. The building has windows to the east and west and experience high temperature in the morning and the evening. In this period there is a great amount of direct sunlight in the classrooms. This also needs to be considered in the lighting design.

What the project aims to solve

Albertslund is challenged with a low average score when it comes to grades in the schools. There are pupils with many different backgrounds and the municipality wants to give them the best possible settings to learn in, including testing if new lighting designs can improve concentration and the ability to learn as well as finding solutions which are suitable for other schools in the municipality and even across Denmark.


Herstedlund school, Albertslund.


Implemented during Summer of 2017, evaluated by staff and students during Autum, and Winter 2017/18.

Current status

Evaluation period.


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