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Interactive light & sound at playground

Promoting an all-year lifestyle, through the innovative use of light & sound, at the playground.

The project

Encouraging children and their parents to be outside all year around, playing at an outdoor play area, through an innovative combination of light & sound.


Albertslund wants to use the darkness as an asset, and hence challenge the traditional idea of how to play outside during the long winters, while also using sound all year around.

The playground/green area contains of trampolines, running track, climbing tree, small football
lane and an aerial runway on a small hill. There are plenty of activities already which light and
sound can enhance, especially during winter. The area is used all day by the pupils and is open to
the public all year around.

What the project aims to solve

Engaging school children and their parents in outdoor play, during the long winters in Scandinavia, for an all-year healthy life style.


The playground at the public school Herstedlund Skole.


Tender phase initiated October 2017, followed by conceptual development through co-creation.

Current status

Open call for innovation partners.

Project partners

DONG Energy, Aalborg University and Albertslund Kommune.

The current state of the playround at Herstedlund school, Albertslund.
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