Neonatal lighting solutions

Supporting the well-being of premature babies with dynamic lighting

What was the purpose of the project?

The care and work environment are important factors in Region Skåne, when it comes to creating quality surroundings for patients and employees. In conjunction with the reconstruction of the Helsingborg Hospital, Region Skåne has joined together with universities and private companies, taking advantage of the unique opportunity to install, test and evaluate the activity adapted dynamic lighting.

The project saw the development and installation a controllable lighting solution that improves the environment and promotes the health of the three main groups: children, parents and staff. As far as possible, similar solutions were sought, including the possibility to control the lighting, so each group would get optimal light. The lighting design was developed with the needs of the care unit taken into consideration, and includes, among other things. the possibility for parents to control the light for a better environment, in which they do not feel the absence of natural daylight so much. A manageable user interface and good information materials/instructions for both parents and staff are also prioritized.

Examples of starting points:

  • Protect the baby against disturbing light
  • Use the available possibilities to screen off the light
  • Consider the child’s maturity, level of sensitivity and medical condition
  • The light should reflect the child’s skin colour and features in a natural way
  • Prevent light glare from surrounding equipment
  • Zone light to ensure the correct lighting for children, parents and staff
  • Provide better light for overview, precision and concentration
  • Create greater satisfaction and maintain working environment safe for patients
  • Reduce light-related health and safety problems such as headaches and eye problems
  • Combat fatigue and negative effects of shift work
  • Ease-of-use that, developed in cooperation with users

Chosen solution

The dynamic lighting solution was developed by lighting designers Åsa Moum and Moa Pauhlsson, in collaboration with BrainLit, who delivered and implemented it. The dynamic lighting concept consists of five light recipes;

  • General lighting
  • Mood lighting
  • Precision lighting
  • Concentration lighting
  • Night light

The light recipes are based on a combination of the latest insights in lighting design, the specific nature of shift work, and observations and conversations with the staff. The designers starting point was to create a living and pleasant space environment. Shadows and contrasts should act as a counterpoint to the strict hospital environment and can help create atmosphere.

Collaborating partners

Region Skåne/Innovation Skåne, Helsingborg Hospital/Neonatal care unit, BrainLit AB, Moum AB, WSP Sweden AB. Technical University of Denmark and Lund University.

Technical specifications

Fixtures and controllers from BrainLit AB. Lighting design Moum WSP.

Measurable effects

Measuring “before” installation and operation in new neonatal care unit have been initiated. Parameters, work environment, job satisfaction; Sleep, stress, headaches, etc. Belupp (simple assessment of the lighting experience).

Lessons learnt?

Date of opening: 19 March, 2018

Visiting info

On 19 March, 2018, the newly constructed neonatal care unit was opened for full operation, including patient care, of about 10 beds.

Contact info

Name: Annika Rosén                   Phone: +46 42 406 10 00 (Reception)

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