Human centric office lighting

Developing, implementing & testing a new human centric office lighting.

The project

Testing and evaluating new human centric lighting solutions in an office setting.


As the biological effects on patients is becoming clearer, developing customized lighting solutions for hospitals has become a research priority for many local governments and companies.

But because the cost of developing and implementing large-scale systems is high, there is a need for testing and evaluating new solutions in smaller environments. In order to keep the costs down and the level of innovation up, Region Skåne’s innovation arm, Innovation Skåne, decided to become the testbed for a new office lighting solution and let the data from their study guide the subsequent development stages.

The lighting solution allows the customization of each office room applying two main parameters;  colour temperature and light intensity. The control panels come in two layouts, one with a fully manual mode where a sliding finger across a screen sets the intensity and temperatur, and another with preset values along with the same main parameters.

What the project aims to solve

Providing a testbed for human centric lighting on an affordable scale, prior to potentially upscaling a launch it in a hospital environment.




IDEON science village, Lund.

Current status

Implemented, currently running trials.



Björn Lagnevik demonstrates the human centric lighting, developed by BrainLit, at Innovation Skåne, Lund.

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