Big LED-wall in public space

Innovative LED-wall to function as a digital ‘Speaker’s Corner’ 

What was the purpose of the project?

To inform the citizens of Egedal about the neighbourhood under construction in the vicinity and, further on, for local information and interaction concerning promotions, cultural events, traffic information, light installations and local festivals and events.

The screen will also find use for students learning about interactive coding and lighting design in the surrounding schools.

Chosen solution (brief description of solution, method, process)

A flexible, state of the art screen built to last many years, adapted to various types of images and with new features making it susceptible to light, sound and movement for interaction with the surroundings. The screen will also be self-sufficient energy-wise, as it is fitted with solar panels.

The screen will be visible from the main roads leading into and passing by the station area.

Collaborating partners (i.e. research, concept development, manufacturing)

Aalborg University and RACELL.

Technical specifications (make, model, software, system, service)


Measurable effects (what values have been achieved with this solution compared with a “traditional” solution (if any))


Lessons learnt? (i.e. what would you do differently next time, both in process and implementation)


Date of opening: 


Visiting info (Visiting address to Demo Project, opportunities & restrictions)

Egedal train station

The future (Is it possible to scale up? What other areas could benefit from this solution?)


Contact info

Email:                  Phone: +45 7259 6000 (Egedal City Hall)


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