New centre with light as treatment of eating disorder opens

Sophie Hæstorp Andersen, chairman of the regional council, welcomes guests at the opening of the new centre in Ballerup, Capital Region.

The Capital Region has officially opened its new and state-of-the-art center  for patients with eating disorders, featuring integrated dynamic lighting as part of a research trial.

At the forefront of the research project are chief physician and research leader Jan Magnus Sjögren from the Psychiatric Center Ballerup and the University of Copenhagen, together with the associate professor and Ph.D. Michael Mullins, associate professor and Ph.D. Georgios Triantafyllidis, from Aalborg University, who hope to gain knowledge about how to work with intelligent lighting in relation to the treatment of patients with eating disorder.

“It has been shown that light can have a beneficial effect on human mood and well-being and it is our hypothesis that also eating disorders may also have a beneficial effect of being exposed to wide-spectrum light that can stabilize patient’s mood and reduce symptoms for example depression, says Jan Magnus Sjögren, and continues:

“It’s the inner heart of the human being, which lies in the brain’s hypothalamus, which orchestrates many of the body’s biological functions, ranging from complex physiological systems to individual cells in the body. The inner clock affects daytime rhythm, hormone production, body temperature and other important functions in the body. demonstrated that an inner watch “out of step” can be associated with a number of disorders such as depression and bipolar disorders. ”

The new 5000 square meter centre, located at the Psychiatric Center Ballerup, combines outpatient functions, day care and integrated beds. In addition, the new building houses a dining house and good facilities for conducting meetings, courses and major events.

Read more about this pilot study here (in Danish).

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