Conference keynote speakers confirmed

Keynote guest speakers at Metropolis: by Light (from left-right): Florence Lam, Mark Burton-Page, Sandra Rey & Joachim Ritter.

We are proud to announce a diverse range of international keynote speakers at our conference on Sep 12-15 in Malmö, Sweden, brought together by a common passion for lighting and the ongoing lighting revolution. Their unique perspectives on the industry are certain to create discussions in the session intervals, and long after the conference has ended.

Florence Lam, Arup Fellow, Director, Global Lighting Designer 

Florence is an Arup Fellow and leads Arup’s global lighting design practice. Her expertise in daylight, visual perception and holistic lighting approaches play a key role in many of her projects – from museums to airports, bridges and city precincts. Florence was responsible for delivering a range of lighting projects for the London Olympic Games in 2012. As a lighting designer she has a strong interest in visual light art and has collaborated with various artists and architects on public projects including Anish Kapoor’s ArcelorMittal Orbit in London, the World’s Largest Timepiece in Zurich and Dongdaemun World Design Park in Seoul.
Florence was named Lighting Designer of the Year at the UK Lighting Design Awards in 2013. She was also the recipient of the Lighting Award from the Society of Light and Lighting in 2014.  

Joachim Ritter, editor-in-chief, PLD, Head of steering committee, PLDC

Joachim Ritter is a thought leader in the field of international lighting design with 35 years’ professional experience. He specializes in several topics including architecture, lighting design and lighting technology. Joachim is the head of the VIA publishing group and editor-in-chief of the Professional Lighting Design platform. He and his team co- organize international workshops, conferences and other educational activities to promote the lighting design profession. Joachim Ritter was a founding member and fellow of PLDA, plus a member of its board for 15 years, and also served as a member of the board of the IALD Education Trust Fund from 2005 to 2006.
Joachim is currently developing an international CPD platform, targeted at professional lighting designers, which will be launched in August 2018.  

Mark Burton-Page, general manager of LUCI

LUCI is the international network of cities for public lighting located in Lyon, France. The network gathers 70 cities around the world, plus 45 associated members, all committed to the sustainable use of light to improve quality of life.  
Mark is in charge ofthe strategy, development and coordination of LUCI’s activities and is the link between the executive board and LUCI staff. His work is focused on the exchange of knowledge and expertise between cities worldwide. This is achieved through the implementation of events, programs and thematic publications. Mark has previously worked for the FFSU and EFUS, shifting attention to prevention and security issues in the context of nightlife and tourism. 
He holds a Master’s degree in Political Science.

Sandra Rey, CEO at Glowee

Sandra is a passionate and dreamy entrepreneur who, following her diploma in industrial design, completed her education with a social entrepreneurship degree.   

While gaining professional experience, she has always been surrounded by innovation, leading her to participate in a student contest about synthetic biology where she started to ask herself some questions about the economic and ecological issues surrounding electrical lighting. It was while watching a TV show about deep-sea bioluminescent creatures that she had the idea to use their light-creating super powers to revolutionize the way we illuminate our cities. She keeps a hopeful but realistic view of the mutation of energetic models for tomorrow.

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