Brighter Brunnshög: Experiencing the future with Virtual Reality

At the city library in Lund, visitors were given the opportunity to experience the future smart urban area of Brunnshög in a Virtual Reality environment. With the use of VR glasses, motion censors and manual controllers, they were able to go for a walk in the area while taking a closer look at the future buildings and experience a newly developed interactive lighting installation.

After having completed the VR test, the guests were asked to fill out a questionnaire to give project managers a sence of how the public will respond to the new lighting solutions in the area being build. The results were overwelmingly positive, as the repondents stated that their general impression of the Brunnshög area was now significantly approved, as well as the curiosity about the development and future of Brunnshög was raised. Also, the guests now, in a much higher degree than before, connects Brunnshög to innovation, new technology and sustainability.

The Municipality of Lund has set the ambition that the area of Brunnshög becomes a European model for sustainable urban planning and a regional destination for recreation.

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