Region Skåne’s groundbreaking new neonatal unit opens

Region Skåne, a key funding partner in Lighting Metropolis, invites you to join partner colleagues for the grand opening of its brand new neonatal unit in Helsingborg, on March 16. The new neonatal is a complete rethink of the traditional unit, and features, among other things, a state of the art lighting solution based on 5 light ‘prescriptions’. 

The groundbreaking lighting solution has already attracted the attention of the world’s leading Center for Lighting Research, in New York, and is likely to be observed closely by the wider health sector.

The innovation project is a Lighting Metropolis collaboration between Region Skåne, Innovation Skåne, BrainLit, Moum Design, WSP and Helsingborg Hospital.

To register for the grand opening on March 16, 14.00 in Helsingborg, please send an email to Region Skåne’s contact person here.

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