Interactive animals light up school path

Egedal Municipality is implementing a smart lighting system along the bicycle path between Veksø and Lærkeskolen in Stenløse in a partnership with Aalborg University, Lolle & Nielsen, Prisma Light and ID-advice.

The path is primarily used by school children, and the project’s aim is to make their route to school safer and hopefully make even more children use the path. Also, the system collects data from the users and provides anonymous statistics, to make ground for developing new intelligent lighting solutions. The local children, who ride their bikes to school every day, are experts in the area’s topography and have been involved in co-creation workshops to design the installations.

The result is a variety of animal shaped sculptures along the path. These sculptures consist of acrylic and Corten steel put together in a “sandwich construction”, and holes in the metal allow LED light to shine through and create visual effects such as the stripes of a tiger or the characteristic brown spots of a giraffe.

A cloud platform provides the possibility of personally configurated installations. A RFID reader will receive data from a tag placed on a bicycle helmet and send instructions to the IoT devices, that control light, sound and motion graphics. Each user can choose between various preselected settings to decide, which animals will light up along the path, as well as the colors and the type of light. This user-generated content will give each user a unique personalized experience.

The smart bicycle path is the first of a total of three demonstration projects in Egedal Municipality under the EU-supported Lighting Metropolis collaboration. At you can see the project descriptions for all three projects and read more about Egedal Municipality’s participation in Lighting Metropolis.


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