Making safety lighting a part of the event

Jens Hammer, MSc Lighting Design at AAU in Copenhagen.
How can safety lighting be better integrated at large-scale events?

Jens Hammer is a MSc Lighting Design student at Aalborg University in Copenhagen, who currently is writing about safety lighting at festivals and other large-scale events for his thesis in which he investigates how safety light installations can become a part of the actual events, as opposed to merely added on top as a separate layer.

Why did you choose this particular aspect of lighting?
“I think it’s important to look at problems before they are present in our society, here is a chance to mitigate the outcome and potential safe lives.”

Who, if any, are currently leading the way in innovative safety lighting?
“Safety lighting in this area is a fairly recent concept, but many companies have the hardware and software to build a compatible system.”

What impact would your proposal potentially have for cities & citizens, both in regards to livability + growth?
“If it takes hold, and I hope it will,  it could have the potential to change the way we think about lighting. Most important is the potential to go from singular installations to multiple purpose light installations. And, if it is done right, it can be done without significant changes to the residential environment, as well as making the public spaces more safe – both perceived and real.”

Jens is also project officer at DOLL Living Lab, Europe’s largest showroom and test site for smart urban lighting & services.

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