Roskilde creates interactive path


The interactive Musicon path begins construction work today, and will be completed in June 2018. The 566m path stretches through the city’s the new creative quarter, and will have several special features along its way.

The public path has been designed to establish an attractive connection from its creative quarter to the city centre (see illustration at the bottom of this page) and will have experience-rich, identity-creating lighting solutions.

  • The experience starts at the northern entrance, with upplight effects on the trees, as well as spotlights built into the path itself.
  •  At the new and interactive pump track, by the club house, the fixtures light up to the motion detected from the bicycles on the track.
  •  At the traffic playground, red light poles flank the centre point with blue lights.

The project partners are:

Ørsted (former DONG), who installs the special lighting sets along the path.

Light designers Esben Oxholm & Simon Panduro from AAU (currently freelancers) and Frederik Borello, ÅF.

SEAS-NVE constructs the traditional part of the path light

Gottlieb A / S is the main contractor, and performs excavation work & cabling.

Read more about the project here. (in DK)



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