Reflektor Light Festival in Copenhagen

Reflektor is a new type of festival aiming to nurture curiosity and empower human discoveries of light. The festival is a culmination of light artists and other light explorers coming together with the public to explore and celebrate the boundaries of light.

When darkness falls and the melancholy of the fall quietly sneaks up on the city of Copenhagen, Reflektor is opening up Søndermarken gardens to showcase evocative light art installations exhibited among high treetops and wild growing nature.

Infused with inspirational and explorative light talks, guided walks and key notes, the festival will provide the audience with a space for a spiritual break, reflection, quiet contemplation. Collectively, it offers new perspectives and understandings of how modern day life and it’s daily routines are intertwined with the light that surrounds us.

Behind the festival is a group of dedicated light geeks who are bringing their professional backgrounds in design, art, architecture and anthropology to the table — all in pursuit of bringing you evocative and carefully curated experiences with light.

Program & details here.

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