Egedal is looking for an innovation partner

Egedal Municipality is looking for partners for a development project as a part of the Lighting Metropolis project. The purpose of the their development project is to encourage school children aged 10-15 to use a special bike path getting to and from school.

Egedal is looking for partners – individuals or companies – with competencies to make the technical design of the system and/or competencies to co-develop the interactive elements that are activated when registering the chip in the helmet.

The project places great emphasis on co-creation, ownership and learning for the users, which should be reflected in the final solution. The wish is that pupils or other interested parties, after the establishment phase, should be able to influence the project, e.g. through the design of animals, a light programming course to change the light sculptures, personalize their bike ride or something else, depending on the solution.

Read more about the project & how to contact the project team here.

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