IN THE SPOTLIGHT: DONG Energy & the Musicon project


As the team behind the Musicon path project are getting ready to instal their innovative lighting solutions at Roskilde’s new creative quarter, DONG Energy reveals the collaborative process behind with the Lighting Metropolis partners and SME’s.

DONG Energy runs and maintains approx. 170,000 bright spots in North Zealand and the Capital Region. They provide light on the roads, and are responsible for ensuring it works and have extensive experience in data management, consulting, design, establishment and operation of street lighting. With more than 100 years of experience with street lights, it was natural to add Smart City to their product palette. DONG is currently active in two Lighting Metropolis projects: Hyldespjældet, with AAU and the municipality of Albertslund and the Musicon path, in collaboration with AAU and Roskilde Municipality.

DONG Energy joined Lighting Metropolis as an official partner to obtain further knowledge, experience and networking opportunities around intelligent lighting and Smart City through the project’s unique collaborative process.

In the fall of 2016, the two students Esben Oxholm and Simon Panduro Norstedt from Aalborg University worked with analysis of the area and its users and with the overall themes along the Musicon path. The team decided to choose to work with three turning points (#3,#4 and #5) along the 1 km long route from Roskilde Station to Musicon, which has a large number of daily users. The analyses of the area and users identified three user-types in the target audience: the daily users, citizens heading to and from hobbies – and cultural guests.

Flow and water were chosen as continuous elements, reflected in the color of the light, which changes with humidity, but also in the flow of light that reacts with the users – for example. The light must also function as wayfinding to events, like the festival place, by changing the color of the light to well-established Roskilde festival colour orange.

Path point #3:

Esben’s studies showed that the speed of road users is affected by the speed at which the intensity of light changes. With slow shift in intensity, users slow down. The users arrive at the park from the station via #3. Here we establish round LED luminaires in the surface coating, which allows users to slow down and experience the newly created path and its surroundings.

Path point #4:

At the pump track, right at the centre of the path, users get to experience cycling in the flow of water. The light responds to the users and sends waves of light on to the pump track as a reward for those who have the courage to make the short and adventurous detour by bike. This gives both the users of the pump track and spectators from the path an experience out of the ordinary.

A video with the rendered VR-scenarios, here with an animated ball symbolising the cyclists motion.

Path point #5:

A bicycle track will be created at the park’s entrance and exit. Large chestnut trees will form an illuminated port and spots will light up patterns on the path itself.

View a video with rendered VR-scenes of this path point here.

A thorough and detailed concept and design work

The components have been chosen and the project description has been made in close collaboration between Esben – who is now graduated and employed as a self-employed in the project – Simon, who is writing his Master as part of the project, and Frederik Borello from ÅF Lighting. There has been ongoing dialogue with suppliers regarding solutions, budgets and guarantees. The final components have been approved by the municipality of Roskilde, which is the owner of both the project and installations, and by SEAS-NVE who will operate the installations. DONG Energy, adviser to the project and project manager in part of the project phase, is ready for ordering the materials. The path will be created during the autumn this year, and the light at the path points established by DONG Energy is expected to get switched on in November.

Facts about the project

Project name: Musiconstien

Location: from Roskilde Station to Musicon (in Roskilde)

Primary partners: Roskilde Municipality, Aalborg University (CPH) and DONG Energy

Project period: June 2016 to November 2017

Suppliers (primary): Futuresales, SICK, Atendi, Elminister, Iguzzini, Milewide,

Budget: DKK600,000



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