New MA in lighting design a success



The first graduates last June from Aalborg University’s pioneering new MSc in Lighting Design, entered a market craving for a new type of lighting designer. Half of the students had jobs before even graduating – with two thirds securing positions by now, three months after graduation.

The impressive track records is not only a result of good timing, but also of deep creative insights into an industry currently undergoing a paradigm shift, both technically and conceptually.

“The programme is a unique combination of the fields of media technology, architecture and science of light. It’s also founded in a special Danish & Nordic tradition of sensibility to light in our built environment,” says Ellen Kathrine Hansen, Associated Professor and Head of Lighting Design at AAU.

Danish Center for Light was a key partner for assessing the real needs for a completely new master education, and the demand driven approach – together with the actual collaboration itself with external parties – are also two of Aalborg Universitiy’s trademark approaches in all their programmes.

“We wanted to talk about light as one unifying thing, as for us it’s always about human centric lighting,” says Michael Mullins, Associate Professor and Head of CPH section at AAU.

The new programme has since its inception in 2014 become so popular among applicants that AAU have decided to put a limit on the number of students they take in each year. And as far as Lighting Metropolis concerns, there has been an overwhelming response from the students to get involved.

“One third of the students in their 2nd year have chosen to work with Lighting Metropolis’ projects – that’s very positive since their involvement in the research and demonstration projects will benefit both the students, the municipalities and industrial partners and the project teams alike, as the students develop new innovative lighting concepts to be implemented in Lighting Metropolis” says Ellen Kathrine Hansen.

Among those projects are Roskilde’s Musicon path, Light & Learninng and Lightel in Albertslund; and Brighter Brunnshög in Lund together with Kraftringen.

You can read more about the MSc programme in Lighting Design here.

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