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Social sustainability project

A new project in Malmö uses light to support social sustainability in Sorgenfri.

The project

The purpose with Stadens ljus is to enlighten the qualities of a city district, and to attract people from other city districts in Malmö to come visit the area. A long term goal is that the people living in the area will become prouder of their neighborhood and more comfortable with being outdoors in their neighborhood after dawn.

The background

Malmö is a city facing several challenges, not least within social sustainability. With an increasing population the city needs to be densified, and at the same time the different city districts need to be integrated with each other. In Malmö’s security surveys the central city district Sorgenfri has received low grades. Together with people living in the area, the city of Malmö has identified what can be done by the municipal organisation to make Sorgenfri a place where people feel safe.
As a first step, the lighting in the public streets and parks in Sorgenfri is being upgraded and improved to a top quality standard. The next step is to host the event Stadens Ljus: Sorgenfri during February 10-19. Stadens ljus is a light event concept including a number of artistic and temporary installations, developed in the city of Malmö. It has previously been hosted in for example the city district of Rosengård, with great success.

What the project aims to solve

As a part of Lighting Metropolis, the city of Malmö wants to work together with local building owners to further improve the lighting in Sorgenfri from a security perspective. The municipal organisation is limited to invest in lighting on municipally owned land, but in areas such as Sorgenfri a lot of the land is private and hence outside of the municipal control. The project therefore wants to focus on how a municipality can cooperate with private partners and use an holistic approach on the lighting situation of a city district. The actual solutions should be based on the building owners specific challenges and be implemented in or around the buildings of interest.


Sorgenfri, Malmö



Currrent status

Initial test with new lighting in selected residential entrances – can be visited during Malmö’s  Stadens Ljus (Lights of the city) event on 10-19 February, 2017. http://www.malmotown.com/stadensljus/

One of MKB’s new buildings in Sorgenfri, set for completion during the Summer of 2017.

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