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Office building of the future

The revival of a central community building in Albertslund will have distinctively digital features, with the implementation of an ‘intelligent ceiling’.

The project

The purpose of this project is to demonstrate and test how buildings can become more intelligent with the use of 12V cables, by collecting useful data on light, indoor climate and entry systems. It will potentially also include the demonstration of so called li-fi, or internet via light, and the connection with the building’s roof based solar panels.


The term digital ceiling is used to describe an installation where the light gets its power over the Ethernet, rather than through the traditional electricity network, and thereby opening up a whole new range of connected opportunities. The use of Ethernet provides the revived building with the possibility to both control the light as well as connecting it with sensors, fire alarms, entry-, energy- & surveillance control systems and of course energy savings.

What the project aims to solve

By powering the individual luminaires by the Ethernet, the connected lighting becomes the portal to data and can then merge with the building’s IT network to obtain identifiable IP addresses, allowing them to be individually monitored, managed, and controlled.

Each light point can therefore send and receive data, which in turn allows managers to track occupancy patterns, changes in office temperature, while employees can customize the lighting in their respective workspaces.


City of Albertslund, by Vognporten


Completed by Nov 2017.

Current status

Gate 21 has moved into the building. Main office construction work completed, auditorium and basement still in progress. The digital ceiling  has completed its first implementation phase, and will be followed by further cabling, networking and programing.


New building and new office, for Gate 21 and the secretariat for Lighting Metropolis. Visitors are welcome.

Gate 21’s new office features, among other smart office solutions, a ceiling that’s powered-over-ethernet.

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