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Lighting the path to Musicon

The lighting project will link Roskilde’s new creative quarter with the city centre and train station.

The project

To create an attractive link to the new quarter, Musicon village from the city center and central train station.


The path is being created as part of the urban development of Musicon by facilitating a better and more attractive connection between Musicon, the station and city center. The vision of Musicon is to develop a creative urban area with companies, culture, education, shopping and housing. Important elements in the strategy are events, temporality, events and co-creation with the users. To make the route most interesting and active, along the path there will  be build a pump track, a playground for cyclists and a court for ball games.

What the project aims to solve

Creating an attractive link between the new creative quarter, Roskilde’s city center and the train station. The lighting design will focus on 3 different target groups by addressing them in 6 different spots on the route. Using interactive lighting and working with ’flow’ and ’water’ as the overall theme, the design must aim to partly making the path itneresting to journey on, motivate travellers to use the pump station en-route and function as a clear way-finding.


Construction starts in November 2017, completion planned for June 2018.


Musicon village, Roskilde.

Current status

Ongoing construction work.


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