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Light on the green path

Unified lighting to attract cyclists

The project

Creating safer and more attractive biking environments after dusk by light installations along a cycle path at Lund.


Biking is one of the top-prioritys for Lunds municipality. In this project, we want to explore the capacity for creating safer and more attractive biking environments after dusk by light installations through new ways of combining design, technology and social science.

What the project aims to solve

The 5 new lighting installations shall be designed as an answer to one or more of the following challenges:
1. Create unity throughout a bike path with lighting.
How can we create unity throughout a path despite major differences in the type of environment or character of the area?

2. Safe passages through tunnels – how can we create safe* passages in tunnels with focus on the slopes down to the tunnel and up to ground-level.

3. Big safety, small installations – how can we make simple and cost-efficient solutions on small pathways in parks?

4. Indirect lighting – how can indirect lighting activate public space and create a more attractive outdoor environment?

5. Guidance trough crossing bike paths – how can light lead the way in bike path crossings?


Solutions presented Autumn 2017, implemented during Spring 2018. Dates TBA.

Current status

Collaborative partners identified & contracted. 3.000 citizens in and around the neighbourhood were invited to an evaluation process of the current light scenarios, pending an analyses and report. Next step – exploring possible solutions & running tests with collaborating partners.


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