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Flicker-free LED driver

Innovation Skåne develops a cost-efficient & flicker-free LED driver

The project

To develop a cost-effective flicker-free driver and investigate the effects flicker have on people


It has been shown that stroboscopic effects (flicker) are observable at frequencies up to 4000 Hz. Low frequency flicker (about 500 Hz and lower) can be detected by waving a pencil or pointing a smartphone camera to the light source. If patterns appear, the light source is flickering. Some research shows that this could be harmful to people.

 What the project aims to solve

Providing a flicker-free driver and increasing the knowledge in this area expects to push the market to make better lighting solutions.


During Q3-Q4 2016 a flicker-free driver was developed and manufactured in a small scale, mainly for internal testing. During 2017 the flicker-free driver will be installed as part of an evaluation project in a school in Malmö and the people at the school will be asked to fill in a questionnaire both before and after the installation of driver. Results are expected in Q4 2017.

Current status

Planning the evaluation and installation, as well as perfomring some fine tuning of the flicker-free driver.


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