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Canteen lighting for reduced foodwaste

Reducing food waste in school canteens by creating a welcome and attractive eating environment.

 The project

Reducing food waste in a school canteen by creating a nice eating environment by using light that’s designed to provide a more positive and calmer eating experience.


This demo project is carried out by the Service department at Lund municipality, with the purpose to reducing canteen food waste through lighting design. New LED lighting is not only energy efficient, it also gives great opportunities when it comes to creating light environments with a positive effect on human beings.  Especially when it comes to human centric lighting. How an eating environment is designed may affect the pupils tendency to sit in peace and quiet and eat their food, thereby reducing foodwaste. This is what we aim to investigate when we refurbish the cantine at Nyvång school in Dalby. Today the cantine looks like in the Pictures below.

What the project aims to solve

Waste of food increase the woods negative environmental effects. Food waste is measured regularly at all schools in Lund’s municipality. The waste has been reduced substantially but has now stabilized at about 20%. The Service department needs to find new ways of working to further reduce the waste. The canteen environment is often stressful, messy and loud. The municipality is going to refurbish several cantins in the coming years and therefore there is a need to find smart solutions that can contribute to pleasant eating environments. The municipality also has a tough goal regarding energy efficiency, which means that we need to identify suitable measures when refurbishing.


Solutions developed Autumn 2017. Tests & implementation during Spring & Summer of 2018.

Current status

Exploring potential new solutions & design for testing.


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