Brighter Brunnshög

Brighter Brunnshög will use innovative lighting to draw attention to a new smart urban area in Lund.

The project

Highlighting the development of a new sustainable urban area in Lund with smart lighting solutions, to create awareness & attention, before completion.


Brunnshög is a new neighborhood that grows next to the world-renowned research facilities MAX IV and the ESS in the north-eastern part of the city of Lund. When Brunnshög is fully developed in 30 years, 40 000 people will call this area their home and work space. The Municipality of Lund has set high goals for the district; it will be a European model for sustainable urban planning and a regional destination for recreation.

What the project aims to solve

The purpose of lighting demonstration project at Brighter Brunnshög is to help drawing attention to the area as a sustainable and smart neighborhood, and to raise its attractiveness even before settlement is complete. Since Brunnshög is only partially built up and furthermore consists largely of fields or construction sites, the area’s attractiveness is rather low and it only has a few visitors. Also, the public awareness of the areas sustainable aspects is low. Kraftringen’s aim is to install semi-permanent lighting solutions adjacent to the first construction site in order to make people interested in the area. By making people curious about the area and what is going to be built there, the hope is to make them enjoy the land even before it has become established. If this succeeds, it will benefit those living nearby and be a step on the way to make Brunnshög into a regional destination for recreation.


The project started in August 2016 and will end in September 2018.


Brunnshög, Lund.

Current status

Tested at the Dreamlight festival, partially installed at Brunnshög and ongoingly supplemented with its planned final features.

Collaboration partners

The lighting design company Luxera, Lund Municipality and the Lighting Design department of Architect, Design & Media Technology at Aalborg University.

Artist’s impression of Brunnshög’s urban lighting.

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