Are you an experienced and visionary lighting designer, interested in participating in our innovative demonstration project? The municipality of Lund is looking for a lighting designer for an exciting demo project

Are you an experienced and visionary lighting designer, and interested in joining our expanding project team? We have an exciting opportunity for the right candidate; to create a unique identity for

As part of Lighting Metropolis’ vision to establish an innovation platform for Smart City lighting solutions, three of the leading universities in Greater Copenhagen are now intensifying their efforts to

The next generation of urban Lighting Designers will work in cities that are smarter and more integrated than ever before. But the sheer speed of development in LED-technology risks putting

A new study from Lund Technical university, LTH, confirms that dynamic LED-light that adapts according to daylight variations improves the quality of students’ sleep.  Sleep related problems are on the

Lighting Metropolis now has two innovation managers, Catja Thystrup from Denmark who joined the project back in November at Gate 21, and Markus Mårtensson from Sweden who joined the Secretariat

Lighting Metropolis is a proud sponsor of the international Smart City conference that takes place on June 6-8 in Copenhagen. Greater Copenhagen Smart Solutions: Living Labs for Liveable Cities. The

Having an UNESCO heritage site dominating a city centre, also means visitors tend to forget to explore the streets behind it, as they’re herded between their tour buses and the

Lighting Metropolis recently invited all our partners to an ‘innovation day’, hosted by the City of Malmö, to discuss best-practices and typical traps to avoid. One of the presenters was Jonas Klevhag,

A new report from the International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics(IIIEE) at Lund University showcases a selection of best-practises for the application of LED. The publication is a collective undertaking