A group of creative schoolchildren spent most of their Monday afternoon designing smart lighting solutions for their own bike path between their school, Lærkeskolen, and the village of Veksø.

Region Skåne is currently looking for a lighting designer or lighting studio to work on a new innovation project at the new Neonatal ward at Helsingborg hospital. Tests will be

Greater Copenhagen is Denmark’s and southern Sweden’s growth engine, and a metropolitan region with a global impact. We asked Chief Consultant Henrik Madsen, at the Capital Region – a supporting

  The municipaliy of Albertslund has just launched its fourth Lighting Metropolis demonstration project, titled “Significant light at Hyldespjældet”, a residential area from the 1970’s known for its cluster houses,

In a brand new international benchmark study, conducted by Copenagen Capacity that analyses the best perfoming cities within a range of lighting criterias, Greater Copenhagen takes a prominent 3rd position.

  The city of Roskilde is looking for an experienced lighting engineer/designer to be part of  a creative collaboration with the city and its two partners – Aalborg Unviersity and Dong

  The municipality of Egedal, Denmark, is looking for the right person to implement their new Smart City strategy – which is expected to get confirmed by the local council

    The city of Lund is currently undergoing rapid developments in a number of areas, such as the Light Rail project, as well as having relocated City Hall itself

Our dedicated team at IIIEE, consisting of 14 MESPOM students and associate professors Thomas Lindhqvist & Mikael Backman.   Lighting Metropolis & the International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics (IIIEE)

  Lighting Metropolis is joining forces with another Interreg project, Cleantech TIPP (Cleantech Testbed for Innovative Public Procurement) to develop clearer legal guidelines for how to better utilise EU’s new