Job ad: Lighting Designer to Roskilde

Are you an experienced and visionary lighting designer, and interested in joining our expanding project team?

We have an exciting opportunity for the right candidate; to create a unique identity for Roskilde’s Cultural alley, using conceptual, and potentially interactive, lighting design that supports and enhances the area’s historic and cultural significance, both for everyday needs as well as special events?

Recently, the municipality of Roskilde took the decision to brand the neighbourhood, all the side streets next to the well trodden high street, as the Cultural Alley. The idea is to make visitors explore a wider area and go beyond the most famous landmarks, such as the Roskilde Cathedral. A key element of hte branding project will be to develop a lighting design that creates a unique and characteristic identity across the neighbourhood that’s lined with significant cultural institutions, such as Roskilde Judgment Church, The House of the City, The Museum of Contemporary Art, Roskilde Art Association, The Museum of Roskilde, The Monastery of Roskilde and Roskilde Library. The Roskilde Judgment Church is well known abroad and visited every year
by many tourists. Some of the other cultural institutions are situated on side streets that are traditionally less frequently

If you’re up for our challenge, please read the job specification &  apply here (in Danish) and here (in English):

Picture is from Roskilde’s annual ‘Light Festival’, in the Cultural Alley.




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